The Antichrist in Daniel


In Daniel 7, The Lord gives Daniel the same dream that Nebuchadnezzar had in Chapter four, but with more details.

In the dream he saw four world kingdoms that would rise in history.

Each kingdom had the symbol of an animal (beast). According to the dream, God would send the Son of Man to the earth during the rule of the fourth kingdom (Rome).

This Messiah would set up an everlasting kingdom, which would break every other kingdom into pieces.

He also saw, during the same rule of Rome a fourth beast (king) who would make war with the saints and prevail against them for a time and times and the dividing of time. (1,260 years).

He would change times (calendars) and laws (doctrines), but after the 1,260 years the saints would take away his dominion (political power) and then he would slowly lose his spiritual power until he was completely destroyed at Christ’s Second Coming.

After the 1,260 years the kingdom and power would be given back to the people of the saints of the Most High.

The first of the four kingdoms Daniel saw were Babylon (606 BC) the kingdom Daniel lived in; Medo-Persian (538 BC); Greek Empire (334 BC) and the Roman Empire (31 BC).

According to (Daniel 7:7-8) the fourth kingdom was greater and different than all of the other beasts, because it had 10 horns. (Kings)

When Daniel looked at the horns, another little horn came up in the place where three of the first horns had been plucked up.

This “little horn” had the eyes of a man and a mouth that spoke great things.

In verses 20-22 Daniel asks to know more about the “little horn,” whose look was more stout than his fellows.

The scriptures tell us that the “Little Hom” made war with the saints of God and prevailed against them; until the Ancient of Days came and judgement was given to the saints of the most High; and the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom.

The fulfillment of Daniel’s prophecy is proven by history.

Ten nations were formed during the 6th century of the Roman Empire and there were three states (three horns) that were overcome by Imperial Rome.

The Vandals of Corsica and Sardenia, the Ostrogoths of Central Italy and the Lombards.of Northern Italy.

In 752 AD Pope Stephen II with the help of the King of Germany, Charlemagne, became a temporal (King/Bishop) and the Kings of Europe conferred on him what is known as the “Pat-rimony of St. Peter” meaning the office, estate and authority inherited from St. Peter.

The states he controlled were known as the “10 Papal states”

and he held political and spiritual power over Europe until the time of the French Revolution when God judged him and his political power was taken from him.

The beautiful thing about Daniels' prophecy is that Daniel knew about the Antichrist 400 years before Christ was born.

Daniel said the Antichrist would rise up and take political power over the 10 nations of the Western Roman Empire.

It would last over 1,200 years and he would try to destroy the saints (the true believers) by making spiritual war, as well as political war, against them.

Over 50 million believers were martyred during this period because they refused to bow to the Pope’s authority.

But, God promised to bring judgement on the Antichrist and he lost his political power. (The French Revolution)

This Antichrist (Pope) changed the Jewish calendar of Christ’s time to the Pagan calendar of Rome. He renamed the months, calling them after the names of Pagan Gods, such as Janus. (January)

The Antichrist was able to rule for 1,260 years because of the succession of Popes and the political power they had over nations.

Daniel said the Antichrist would also change laws and in that way come “against” the Most High.

Pagan practices were allowed into the true church. Statues of Pagan gods were given names of saints and bowed down in worship.

They taught that sinners would have a second chance to redeem themselves in a place called Purgatory after they died

They taught that Mary was the only human person ever born without sin and that Christians could pray to her, because she would understand their human feelings.

As the Queen of Heaven and the “Mother of God” she could go to her son for you and tell Him your need.

Rome teaches that a person can pray to dead saints and even the unrighteous who have gone to Purgatory and they will help you.

The Pope declared he received his authority as head of the Church of Jesus Christ from God and he was infallible in 607 AD.

By 709 AD people began kissing his toe

In 1,000 AD the Pope declared that only Roman Catholic priests had the authority and power to change the bread and wine of the communion into the literal body and blood of Christ and that by eating it sins could be forgiven.

In 1015 AD the Pope declared that clergy could no longer marry.

In 1109AD the church taught that loved ones could get out of purgatory faster if money was given to the church and they obeyed what the church told them to do.(Indulgences)

In 1204 AD the Pope set up the Inquisition that arrested, tortured and killed all who would not submit to his authority.

By 1215 AD he instituted the confessional and told all Christians that they had to confess their sins to the priest or they couldn’t be forgiven.

In 1222 AD the Pope had bread and wine of the communion proclaimed to be the “host” or presence of the living Christ.

The host (a wafer) was elevated to a box placed on the high altar of each Roman Catholic church after it was consecrated by the priest.

In July 2007 the Pope once again declared himself the representative of Christ on the earth and reaffirmed that a person can only be saved if he/she is a baptized member of the Roman Catholic Church.

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